Who are you ?

Hello and welcome to PORTVL ! My name's Pierre, I'm from France and I have a Master's degree in Computer Science. I love computer science in general but, these times, I'm getting really interested in Virtual Reality as you can see :)

What is PORTVL ?

PORTVL is a personal project that I am developing during my spare time.

It is one of the first Virtual Reality website, as it is obviously the beginning of a new VR/WebVR era.

PORTVL is, simply put, a three-dimensional cubic billboard accessible in VR. Pieces of the cube are sold as customizable advertising spots and will act as VR portals to users' VR websites.

Each face of the cube is divided in 32x32 pieces. There is a total of 6144 pieces. The number of pieces remaining is shown in the menu bar on the right. As pieces are getting bought, this number will be decremented in live. Users can choose pieces forming a rectangle, and assign to this rectangle:

Regarding PORTVL pieces price, the sooner you buy them, the better ! In practice, the first PORTVL pieces will be the cheapest and the price will increase as pieces are getting bought. This is valid for the first 6100 pieces. The last 44 pieces will get a special price, and users who buy them will get a special reward, coming along with a "44 Club" membership ! More on that soon...

Why did you create PORTVL ?

Virtual Reality is a really new and exciting technology. To me, it is for sure a part of the future. I just don't how how big of a part. So I find it fun to be part of such revolution by creating one of the first kind of VR Website :)

My first goal is that PORTVL will become:

My second goal is, money. No taboo about this. I will use money generated by PORTVL to start other, and more ambitious VR projects. If I could sum it up in one quote:

We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.

Walt Disney

Finally, I want to precise that PORTVL website will be continuously developed/maintained to add new features and improve user experience as WebVR evolves.


How can I access PORTVL in Virtual Reality ?

Here are some ways to access PORTVL in Virtual Reality:

How did you create your website in Virtual Reality ?

PORTVL Virtual Reality part is powered by a javascript library named A-Frame. Thanks to Mozilla VR for this awesome tool!

What is current state of VR link traversal ?

VR link traversal is what VR Web browsing will be based upon. Basically it means that you can click on links and navigates the web wihtout leaving Virtual Reality. Currently, there's no easy way of doing that. But don't worry ! Mozilla VR Team is working on it, and it will be integrated soon in their A-Frame library, as they say in A-Frame FAQ :

We (Mozilla) are currently improving the link traversal user experience within the browser as well as helping iterate the API. Once link traversal gets into a good state on the platform side, A-Frame should have a link component ready.

PORTVL will be upgrade as soon as the A-Frame link component is ready. Meanwhile, for tech guys and girls, you can still have a look at this.

How can I go back to PORTVL after having navigated to another VR website ?

Currently, it is required that you use normal browsing (i.e. back button) to get back to PORTVL. You can also use Steam Desktop View to click on the web browser's back button using HTC Vive controllers. I don't know about Oculus Rift and others devices but there might be something similar to the HTC Vive/Steam Desktop View.

What handsets/devices PORTVL is compatible with ?

PORTVL was tested with HTC Vive and Cardboard V2. It should also work with Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and any devices/platforms that A-Frame library supports.


I would really love to hear feedbacks/questions/requests or anything from you. Please do no hesitate to contact me at pierre[at]portvl[dot]com. Thank you!